FREE ways to Fundraise!

Did you know that parents and friends of Carden Conejo can raise thousands of dollars for our school without opening their checkbooks? Please consider participating in your employer's Matching Gift Program and/or the following Shopping Partnerships.

For more information, please click on the logos.

*Please note that some programs require you to re-enroll at the beginning of each school year.


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Check HERE to see if your company participates in a Matching Gift Program.

Did you know that you can significantly increase your donation to the Carden Conejo Parents' Association if your company has a Matching Gift Program? Many companies, both large and small, will match their employees' charitable donations. Please check with your employer's Human Resources Department and they should be able to provide you further detail.


Do all the jackets in Lost & Found look the same? Let Label Daddy help identify clothing, shoes, books, water bottles, lunch boxes and more with customized, washable, peel & stick labels! The labels are dishwasher and washing machine safe, yet are easy to remove if you ever want to donate the item. Save 10%, plus 15% of every order goes back to Carden Conejo School!

Link: ; Promo Code: CARDEN

Amazon Smile

Earn money for Carden Conejo when you shop at Sign-on through Carden Conejo's Amazon Smile Link and Amazon wil donate .5% of your eligible purchases to the school. For easy shopping, "Bookmark" this link in your web browser. You must link through Amazon Smile to get the donation credit. 

Organization Name: Carden Conejo Parents' Association; Link:



Earn money for our school by taking pictures of your receipts with the Shoparoo phone app. Last year we started mid-year and were able to raise almost $300 with about 60 supporters. Simply Download the free Shoparoo App on your SmartPhone and select Carden Conejo School. It is power in numbers so please join in and help us! For New Subscribers: To earn an extra 100 points enter in this code: SKOH8097.

Organization Name: Carden Conejo School

Link your Ralphs Reward Card to the Carden Conejo Parents' Association and Ralphs will donate a portion of your purchase back to Carden Conejo. To link your card, click HERE to create an online account or sign in to your existing account. Click on "Sign In", then Click on Your Name. Under Account Summary, scroll down to Community Rewards and select "Carden Conejo Parents' Association".  You must renew annually after Sept. 1 of each year.

Organization Name: Carden Conejo Parents' Association;  Organization Number: 84969

eScrip Online Mall

Are you an online shopper? Shop at the eScrip Online Mall and Carden Conejo receives a generous percentage of each purchase. Link to retailers through the eScrip Online Mall to access hundreds of popular online stores including eBay, Amazon, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Gap, and Home Depot. Click HERE to create an account. You must link to the retailer through the eScrip Online Mall to receive the donation credit.

Organization Name: Carden Conejo Parents' Association