Computer Studies & Technology

Carden Conejo School’s Computer and Technology Lab consists of 20 Dell computers.  Students receive formal technology classes once per week for at least 45 minutes. Technology classes start in Kindergarten.  Carden students learn to keyboard by touch, and become proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and to master Media and Internet Research.

During the second half of each unit, students create a project based on a current classroom topic.  The purpose of these integration projects is to use the technology tools the students have learned and integrate these tools with a relevant classroom project to enhance and reinforce learning. The technology instructor collaborates with each grade level teacher to produce valuable technology-infused lesson plans.

SMART Board technology is installed in every Elementary homeroom classroom as well as the Math and Science Labs.

Chromebook and Tablet technology has recently been introduced. This technology is used thoughtfully in a classroom setting that allows teacher-guided access to math programs, Rosetta Stone (foreign language), and to develop learning experiences in the areas of creative writing and artistic expression.