Friday Assembly

Carden Conejo Friday Assembly

During the weekly Friday Assembly, Carden Conejo students develop exceptional poise and public speaking skills through frequent opportunities to recite or perform onstage to a full auditorium of fellow students and parents.

Public Speaking is an integral part of a Carden education. It is something that alumni mention when they talk of skillsets learned at Carden Conejo that have enabled them to succeed.

Each Friday Assembly begins with the Pledge of Allegiance, a patriotic song led by a selected class, remarks from the Head of School & Head Teacher, and announcements by the CCPA. Selected classes then contribute to Friday Assembly by performing a poem, song or instrumental performance for the school and parents. Along with the class play, each student performs on stage 20 times per year.

As a show of respect and tradition, students wear their more formal assembly uniforms for this important Friday event.

Friday Assembly Bear Day