Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement

Carden Conejo School is committed to providing a learning environment and school community that promotes personal integrity and respect for the uniqueness of each individual.  Our program encourages all students to achieve their full intellectual, emotional, social, physical and creative potential.  By developing confident and independent thinkers, Carden Conejo prepares its students for academically demanding secondary schools.


We believe that the education of each child is a partnership among the child, the teacher, and the parent.  We stress the personal growth of each girl and boy academically and through the development of core values, which will enable her or him to become responsible community members.  Moral and ethical growth is emphasized in an environment guided by the ethical ideals of the Judeo-Christian tradition.  Honor, integrity, personal responsibility, and respect for one another are essential values.

We create a carefully planned environment that is academically challenging and engaging.  We design our programs to provide each child opportunities for success.  We see the development of a child as a nurturing process that flows from grade to grade fostering critical thinking and independent learning.