Daily PE & Sports

Carden Conejo Physical Education

Carden Conejo students enjoy daily Physical Education classes, which include stretching and core training, weekly endurance training, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and balance.

Our program emphasizes good sportsmanship.  Each class meets daily for P.E. to develop their skills and their sense of fair play.

The sports program increases in difficulty as the children become more capable.

Each day the thirty minute session begins with a warm-up consisting of stretching and running, followed by one skill, and then a game to use what the students have learned.

Various sports include soccer, football, baseball, track, and volleyball.  Sports skills are developed throughout the year.

In the second semester, students also participate in the National Presidential Physical Fitness Award Testing, which includes Sit and Reach, Sit Ups, Pull Ups, Shuttle Run, and Mile Run.