Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for the Carden Conejo Community

Carden Conejo School is committed to maintaining an environment in which all persons on campus are treated with respect and dignity. We are a community that takes pride in our abilities to listen to one another, help each other excel in academic and personal goals, and contribute confidently and positively to society.

All members of the Carden Conejo School community – students, parents, faculty, staff and visitors – are expected to treat one another with kindness, honor, and respect in all situations.

Carden Conejo community members are expected to:

  • Adhere to the rules of Carden Conejo at all times.
  • Strive to be exemplary models of the core values and character traits taught to our students, which include honor, integrity, personal responsibility, and respect for one another
  • Maintain appropriate behavior to all persons at all times on campus
  • Conduct honorable, constructive communication – verbal, written and digital – at all times.
    • Focus on the health, safety and overall well-being of others when making choices.
    • Help create a positive environment of encouragement and support within the school community
    • Listen with respectful consideration to the opinions and ideas of others in the community even when they are different
    • Respect the privacy and property of the school and others in the community.
    • Cultivate and uphold positive, appropriate relationships which adhere to responsible, ethical behavior.

Carden Conejo School will not tolerate, under any circumstances, behavior that runs counter to its community’s Code of Conduct or that has interfered with the positive, constructive environment of the school community and its educational endeavors.

Any violations will be reviewed and appropriate consequences administered, which can lead to the termination of a student’s enrollment or an employee’s services.