Primary School

Primary School (Pre-School, Pre-K, Junior Kindergarten)

The Primary School provides a safe and nurturing environment for a child’s first educational experiences.  It is important to instill a sense of wonder and an excitement for learning at this young age.  Children are eager to learn and their school experiences during this important time will create a foundation upon which their future education will be based.  Each child’s day is filled with activities that are interesting, challenging, and fun while the program helps create a structure for learning.  The Primary School programs are only offered five days per week.

The Carden Conejo Primary School offers you:

  • Class size of no more than 12 per teacher and a teacher assistant in each room
  • A wholesome nurturing environment
  • A tranquil classroom atmosphere
  • The development of your child’s perception and mental image
  • Growth in vocabulary and verbal phraseology
  • Manners and Morals
  • Improvement in your child’s attention span
  • Growth in your child’s ability to respond verbally with sequential thinking
  • A loving and supportive teaching staff
  • Before and after-school play program for an additional fee

The Carden program is balanced and includes indoor and outdoor play, French, art and music.  There is an emphasis on language development, spatial arithmetic concepts, listening discrimination, motor perception, and coordination.  Our program was developed by Miss Mae Carden and our teachers are trained by Master Teachers from the Carden Educational Foundation.  Our staff is chosen for their loving concern to help each child live up to their potential.

Our Pre-School classes are comprised of children who are 3 years old.  The Pre-Kindergarten classes are for children who are 4 years old.  The Jr. Kindergarten program is designed for children who are not quite ready for a full-day Kindergarten program.