Science – Foss

Our students love Science because it involves many hands-on investigations. They observe, identify, classify and describe to deepen their understanding of simple and complex scientific phenomena.

We have implemented the inquiry-based Full Option Science System (FOSS) curriculum developed at U.C. Berkeley.  Like the Carden Method, the FOSS program is correlated to human cognitive development.  The activities are matched to the way students think at different times in their lives.  Students are given the opportunity to solve problems, construct and evaluate experiments. FOSS investigations are carefully crafted to guarantee that the cognitive demands placed on students provide a springboard for progressive growth.  FOSS is a standards-based program that aligns completely with the Science Content Standards for California Public Schools and the Science Framework for California.

Students who study science with FOSS are able to learn scientific concepts, solve problems, express their understanding, and apply their knowledge in a variety of novel ways.  Students learn concepts through exploration of hands-on activities, which require an evaluation and a recording of the findings based on the Scientific Method. The learning is solidified with reading, writing and science class discussions.

Science is taught by two Specialist Science Teachers– Mrs. Stone (K – 3rd Grade) and Ms. Macias-Flavin (4th – 5th Grade).