Elementary Curriculum

Carden Conejo School provides students with a well-rounded education through an integrated and sequential curriculum. The comprehensive Carden elementary curriculum helps prepare students for challenging secondary schools and higher education. Excellent study habits, critical thinking, and self-discipline are integrated into each aspect of the elementary curriculum. Our goal is to teach children to think and develop good judgment.  Students are held accountable for their school work and their behavioral choices, which foster the development of self-discipline and self-esteem.

Our core academic program includes Language Arts (Spelling, Literature, Grammar, Creative Writing, Composition), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies (History and Geography), and Foreign Languages (French in all grade levels, Spanish as an elective).

Cursive Handwriting is introduced in the 1st Grade, 3rd quarter. Students hone this skill in 2nd Grade, and will continue to write daily in cursive handwriting in subsequent grade levels.

Carden Conejo’s homeroom teachers teach the Language Arts and Social Studies curriculum. All students benefit from being taught by single-subject Specialist Teachers for Mathematics, Science, Languages, Music, Art, Computer, and Physical Education.

The links below provide curriculum detail by grade level: