CCPA Volunteers

CCPA Volunteers

There are a lot of exciting events on the 2017-18 calendar! Our goal is to enrich our children’s school experience, creating opportunities to learn, bond as a community, and have some fun! Volunteering is what makes it all possible, and we’d like to thank you in advance for contributing your time to our Carden kids.

This year, parents from each grade will be responsible for serving on a committee for one event. Please see the list below and mark your calendar accordingly: 

  • Kindergarten - Hunger Awareness, April 16th – 20th (Chair: Pari Rufi)
  • 1st Grade - Volunteer Day, February 24th (Chair: Ivan Milos)
  • 2nd Grade - Fall Festival, October 27th (Chair: TBD)
  • 3rd Grade - Family Picnic, June 1st (Chair: TBD)
  • 4th Grade - Book Fair, February 28th – 2nd (Chair: Melissa Schram)
  • 5th Grade - Movie Night, October 6th (Chair: Chris Viane)
  • Primary School (All Grades Preschool, Pre-K, Jr.K share responsibility for two events) –
    • Discovery Day, May 2nd (Chair: TBD)
    • Teacher Appreciation, May 11th (Chair: Tabbi Jamshidinian)

Your Room Parent will coordinate your first committee meeting, where your grade will either designate a Chair, or you will be introduced to the pre-existing Chair.

A Committee CHAIR coordinates meetings, manages the committee, reports to the designated CCPA Board member on progress, and attends and oversees the event from start to finish.


I’d like to do more than serve on my grade committee. Are there additional opportunities?

YES! We have Room Parents, Library Committee, Fundraising, Community Service, and additional volunteer opportunities within the CCPA. Please e-mail us or ask us in person at the Back-To-School Coffee at 8:30am in the auditorium on the first day of school!

I have more than one child. Do I need to serve on all committees for more than one grade?

No, you do not. It is your responsibility to COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR ROOM PARENT as to which of your children’s grade committees you choose.

I'm already serving on the CCPA Board, or CHAIRING an event that isn't listed (such as Operation Gratitude CHAIR). Do I still need to participate on the grade committee?

No, CCPA Board members and CHAIRS do not. Room Parents will be on their classroom's committee and will help the committee chair as needed. If you have the time and the desire to do more, it would be greatly appreciated, but that is completely up to you. It is your responsibility to COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR ROOM PARENT that you are fulfilling your commitment in a different capacity.

I am passionate about an event that is designated to a different grade. Can I serve on that committee in addition to mine?

By all means YES. Please COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR ROOM PARENT and they will ensure you are added to that grade’s committee list.

What if I don’t want/have time to volunteer?

We strongly encourage volunteering, as it sets a positive example for our children, and fosters the sense of community we are all so proud of here at Carden. However, if volunteering is not possible for you, you may remit an opt-out fee of $300.00 per family that can be paid Online HERE-- Select "Other" for Donation Amount, enter $300; Select "Other" for Donation Designation, enter Volunteer Opt-out.


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