School Uniforms

School Uniforms

Two of our parents have been very busy this summer, upgrading the Carden Boutique of gently used uniforms.  The Boutique Room looks amazing with everything neatly displayed and a nice private changing area.

Now is the time to look for that extra jumper dress or the Friday blazer.  We have the key to the Boutique in the Administration office.  Come by and check out the Carden upgraded Boutique.

Our school uniform helps to reduce distractions from the real purpose of school, which is to learn.  The school's traditional dress code also promotes a sense of modesty and decorum among the students.  Our parents appreciate the convenience of the school uniform.

Students from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade wear uniforms for the classroom.  Students in Second grade through Fifth grade change into athletic clothes for daily sports classes.  Uniforms may be purchased at Mill's Uniforms at 5844 Sepulveda Blvd., Van Nuys (818-779-1111).

"Gently used" uniforms are available for purchase at the school at a substantial discount from new uniform prices.  All money collected from "La Boutique Carden" sales is awarded as scholarships to deserving students.  Click here for a price list.

Girls Grade 5 - Friday


All Boys - Friday



Girls in Kindergarten through Grade 4 - Friday

Boys & Girls in Grades 2 through 5 - Sports

Girls in Grade 5
Monday through Thursday

Boys in Kindergarten through Grade 5
Monday through Thursday


Girls in Kindergarten through Grade 4 Monday through Thursday