Elementary School

Elementary School

Kindergarten To Fifth Grade

Carden Conejo School provides students with a well-rounded education through an integrated and sequential curriculum. The comprehensive Carden curriculum helps prepare students for challenging secondary schools and higher education. Excellent study habits, critical thinking, and self-discipline are integrated into each aspect of the curriculum. Our goal is to teach children to think and develop good judgment.  Students are held accountable for their school work and their behavioral choices, which foster the development of self-discipline and self-esteem.

The Carden Method of instruction awakens each child’s natural desire to learn and equips the student with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. Our carefully trained staff and our small class size allow for individualized attention to the needs of each student.

Our core academic program includes Language Arts (Spelling, Literature, Grammar, Creative Writing, Composition), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies (History and Geography), and Foreign Languages (French in all grade levels, Spanish as an elective).

Cursive Handwriting is introduced in the 1st Grade, 3rd quarter. Students will hone this skill in 2nd Grade, and will continue to write daily in cursive handwriting in subsequent grade levels.

Carden Conejo’s homeroom teachers teach the Language Arts and Social Studies curriculum. All students benefit from being taught by single-subject Specialist Teachers in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Languages, Music, Art, Computer, and Physical Education.

Language Arts The entire curriculum is sequential and integrated from the earliest grades through the 5th Grade. The study of reading, comprehension, composition, grammar, and vocabulary leaves no “holes” in a child’s learning. Each level is thoroughly covered. Classical literature at grade-appropriate levels unfolds critical thinking, judgment questions, and life experiences. Morals and ethics are taught through the literature studied. The annual class plays become opportunities for students to step outside their comfort zone and work together as a group to develop poise and build self-esteem.

Mathematics begins in Pre-School and its concepts and skills are sequentially developed year after year. Students work in both small and large groups in order to grasp Math concepts. Our traditional Math program consists of the basic facts along with word problems. Starting in Kindergarten, the Singapore Math system of instruction, frameworks, textbooks, assessments, and teacher preparation is introduced. The system is modeled on Math teaching in Singapore, which consistently ranks high in international Math comparisons.

Science Our students love Science because it involves many hands-on investigations. They observe, identify, classify and describe to deepen their understanding of simple and complex scientific phenomena. We have implemented the inquire-based Full Option Science System (FOSS) science curriculum developed at U.C. Berkeley. Students who study science with FOSS are able to learn scientific concepts, solve problems, express their understanding, and apply their knowledge in a variety of novel ways.

History lessons are incorporated into and build from lessons in Literature, Spelling, Dictation, and Grammar.  Our students learn about our government and other governments. They learn about our country’s Constitution and how our democracy was defended.

Geography We teach the geography of the World, the U.S. States, and Capitals. They learn about other countries and cultures around the world and how they differ from ours.  We strive for our students to understand the world in which we live.

Foreign Languages. Carden Conejo’s curriculum includes a strong base in foreign languages. French is taught as a second language from the Primary School through 6th Grade. This language was chosen by Mae Carden because of the many French words that comprise the English language. Grammar is taught in the French language and its structure is similar to English. As students progress, they learn verb conjugations and sentence structure. Spanish has recently been added to the curriculum as a foreign language elective.

Music and Art are an integral part of the program. In these subjects the children experience the freedom to express beauty and individuality. In the Music class, students develop an interest and appreciation for different styles of music. Students learn to read and play music on various instruments. Art classes build confidence and capability for expression. Weekly art appreciation classes help students identify, enjoy, and formulate opinions about beautiful works of art from the ages.

Computer and Technology Lab consists of 20 Dell computers.  Students learn the Microsoft Office programs, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. They develop their keyboarding skills necessary to complete assignments quickly and accurately. Smartboards are in use for all math and science lessons.

Physical Education and Sports our program emphasizes good sportsmanship. Each class meets daily for P.E. to develop their skills and their sense of fair play. Various sports include soccer, tennis, football, baseball, track, and volleyball. Sports skills are developed throughout the year.  In the second semester we also participate in our National Presidential Physical Fitness Award Testing.

Public Speaking is an integral part of a Carden education and the area alumni most comment on when they talk of skills that enabled them to succeed. Each class contributes to Friday Assembly by performing a poem for the school. By performing poetry, songs, and a class play, each student enjoys “stage time” 20 times per year.