Sharon Hallett

Sharon Hallett

Position: 2nd Grade Homeroom Teacher

Bachelors Degree in Education – University of Rhodesia

Ms. Hallet was born in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, in Southern Africa. She studied at the University of Rhodesia and graduated with a BA in Education. She enjoyed teaching Kindergarten and First Grade for eight years before she came to the United States.

Ms. Hallett has been teaching at Carden School for over twenty years. She is Carden trained and certified.

Outside of school, Ms. Hallett enjoys all kinds of sports. She played tennis, basketball, and field hockey at school, and now enjoys watching many of them, but agrees that football, soccer, rugby, and cricket are her favorites.

Her other passion is traveling, and she often enjoys visiting her family members living in South Africa, England, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.