Michelle Deach

Michelle Deach

Position: 3rd Grade Homeroom Teacher

BA in Sociology from CLU

Clear Credential and Master’s in Education from CLU

This will be Mrs. Deach’s 24th year teaching in the private school environment. She taught
Kindergarten for two years then moved onto 3rd grade for eleven years, then was teaching
4th grade for eleven years, and now back to 3rd grade.

While her Carden method training is ongoing, she feels she has the same high expectations for
her students with many of the same Carden methods from her years of experience, and the
love of the job. She loves each new school year because each year she looks forward to the
opportunity to teach her students and to lead by example. So that they too, can reach their
academic potential. She loves to watch them grow academically, socially, and psychically
throughout the year and beyond.

Mrs. Deach has two children, Ashley a senior at TOHS, and a son, Drew a sophomore at TOHS.

Along with her husband, she likes to travel over the summer, ski trips
with her family over winter break, and simply hang out in their backyard. In her free time, she
likes to do CrossFit, read People Magazine, and spend time with family and friends.

Mrs. Deach is a huge Dodgers fan!