Marie David

Marie David

Position: Jr. Kindergarten Teacher

Early Childhood Education/Child Development Classes

Mae Carden Trainings since 2000

Child Development Studies Diploma with honors

Child Psychology Certified/Studies Diploma, Stratford Career Inst.

Behavioral Care Specialist Certification (Autism)

Tri-counties Regional Center/Premier Healthcare Services

In-Home Support Services(Children with Disabilities)

Mandated Reporter Train and Certified

CPR and First Aid Certified

Water Safety Certified

Miss Marie David was hired as a teacher’s aide at Carden Conejo School in August 2000 and based on her performance, was selected as a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher that same year. She also worked as one of the teachers in the After School Program for a couple of years and eventually became the Director of the program starting in 2008.

Miss David currently works along with other teachers to provide a safe and fun environment for the children. If she is not teaching, she is busy doing Summer, Winter, and Spring camps for primary school students. She provides exciting and enjoyable themed activities for all the students. Also, currently, she has been busy with an extra enrichment program(Science Class) for the primary school offering hands-on science activities after school. It’s been a fun and learning experience for both student and teacher.

Miss David truly enjoys working with children and couldn’t see herself doing anything else. She learns new things every year from every one of her students and in return she gives them the love, happiness, and guidance they need to move on to the next step of their education. Everyone wins.

In her free time, Miss David enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Occasionally, she has tutored and babysit on the side when available. She loves going for a drive to the beach, reading suspense/thriller books when she has time, and watching lots and lots of thriller/action movies. Sometimes Miss David just enjoys staying home and relaxing too.