Mr. and Dr. Fleming,

I feel the need to make sure you're aware of our gratitude for you.  You know we are huge fans of Carden and the leadership and direction you provide, which in turns results in such a wonderful experience for our daughter.

I love picking her from Carden and hearing about her day, what she has learned, what she is working on, etc.  When we see some of our daughter’s friends and cousins who are the same age but live in different cities and go to the local public school, the differences between her experience and theirs are even more evident--to us and their parents.  We credit you for that.

Please know how much we appreciate what you do.

K. and A. C.


January 2015

Our daughter attended The Carden Conejo School from Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade for a total of six years.  We have nothing but praise for the school, the teachers and administrators.  The advantages to a Carden education became very apparent when our daughter moved up to Middle School.  She moved to a Private Middle School and her academic skills were above average and her new workload was easy for her compared to Carden.  She was well prepared, which gave her confidence, and we feel this was a result of her time at Carden.  Incidentally, she was one of the few children who knew how to write in cursive.  A big part of Carden’s success is due to the caring teachers and staff.  It’s a rare thing to have so many great teachers.  As each year ended at Carden, we always thought, “Well , this was her best year due to that terrific teacher.”  The following year we’d be introduced to a new teacher who was just as fantastic.  The fact that our daughter liked her teachers and wanted to attend school is another reason we liked Carden.Looking back – if we had to do it again, we wouldn’t change a thing.  There’s no question that the education our daughter received at Carden will serve her well for the rest of her life.

Former parent

Paul McCallum


January 2015

Our triplets attended Carden Conejo from Kindergarten through 5th grade and it was the best experience for both them and us!  The class sizes were small so our children always received the help they needed.  This is a very academic school and it was certainly challenging at times, but that is exactly what we wanted.  It was important that our children had a sound foundation before entering middle school, and I am so happy to say that Carden prepared them very well!  All three of our kids are excelling at middle school and we credit this to Carden and the wonderful teachers.


Rick & Chris Garboski


Posted January 07, 2015

I have never been asked to write a review and this is our 5th year at Carden.  My older son started in preschool and is now in 1st grade and my younger son started preschool last fall.  Since the classroom sizes are so small (in my experience, between 6:1 and 14:1) if the children need extra help or more challenge, they get it.  If they need more discipline, nurturing, or encouragement, they get it.  I have always felt comfortable contacting the teachers if I had a question or concern.  My son has explored different mediums and great masters in art, singing and various instruments, French, Microsoft Office.  Sports are every day. Thanks to a wonderfully successful fundraiser this past fall, all the classrooms will get new technology like desktops, smartboards, and tablets.  Dr. and Mr. Fleming (the heads of school) are very warm and caring, prioritizing the school and children above all else.  If you approach them courteously, they respond in kind.  The weekly assemblies are one of the things I love the most about Carden.  Imagine becoming confident and comfortable speaking publicly before you even have a chance to become fearful of it.  It is a priceless gift.

~ a parent


Posted March 21, 2014

My daughter has attended Carden Conejo for seven years and I have nothing but good things to say about the school and it’s owners.  My daughter has always looked forward to going to school and often asks to stay for after school activities such as art and music.  I feel she’s way ahead of the curve academically and has acquired study skills that will serve her for the rest of her life.  If I could go back and redo the last seven years I can’t think of anything I would change.  I would highly recommend Carden Conejo.

~ a parent


Posted September 14, 2014

Carden Conejo has been a great fit for our family since our son was in preschool.  The school’s inclusion of more than modeling, but discussing manners and morals have been a positive influence for our entire family.  To simply describe the vibe at Friday assemblies – there is a strong sense of community and pride exuding from the children, teachers and parents attending.  Dr. Fleming, the Principal, and her husband, Mr. Fleming are both very passionate, fair, and important figures to all of the children and parents.  Our child has benefited from the Carden Method, and the small class sizes.  I can’t imagine a world for my son without P.E. every day!  Honestly, heading into Kindergarten, that was what put me over the top to stay.  The after school “play program” at Carden has been ideal, and the children are well attended to by actual teaches, separated in age appropriate groups, and this was not what I found when exploring options with public schools for my son as he entered Kindergarten.  We love the classical influence of the curriculum, and as a credentialed English teacher, I am a big fan of the techniques used to diagram sentences and teach reading comprehension.

~ a parent


Posted July 08, 2014

We love this school!  Our children have thrived here.  The curriculum is very well thought out and the teachers are attentive, responsible and kind.  It is a traditional, structured school that does not compromise high standards to patronize the special interests of a few (complaining) parents.  That’s one of the reasons we like it.  Etiquette is important.  They say the Pledge of Allegiance.  They teach cursive.  They encourage children to shake hands, say please and thank you, be polite and address others with respect.  They allow children to present in front of the auditorium regularly to build oratory skills and lose fear of public speaking.  All of these “extras” are in addition to teaching the basics of English, (Singapore) Math, French language, Computers, Music, Art and Sports, all of which they do very, very, very well.  We have not yet met a teacher we did not like.  The staff is amazing and we feel blessed to have this little gem of a school in our community.  We have enjoyed this school very much and our kids love it too.  Go Carden!

~ a parent


Posted March 30, 2014

Carden is a fantastic school for this area.  Everyone is treated equally and with respect by all of the staff, and the staff are a great example for the children as how to behave.  I don’t know how they balance the academics with the fun stuff, but I can tell you that my daughter is challenged academically but at the same time she really has lots of fun here.  The children I’ve seen have no problem approaching the Head of School.  Whilst volunteering for lunch and library duty, I have observed some lovely interactions between the Head and the students.  I always leave thinking how lucky we are to have found this place.  In an area where so many people are focused on looks, wealth and possessions, Carden is a gem of a place that will teach your child what is really important in life.  Our daughter is excelling at Carden academically (her SAT results prove this) and at the same time she is learning about morals, values, etiquette, kindness and generally how to be a good citizen.  I would encourage prospective parents to come and see for yourselves, what you see is what you get here, and I think that is a very good thing.

~ a parent