After School Enrichment

After School Enrichment

After school fee-based programs are available for Karate, Science, Golf, Tennis, Action Academy Sports, and Art.









11:30 - 12:00


Pre-S &   Pre-K

Mrs. Madison (Dir. Primary School)  

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Karate Jr. K, Kinder, & 1st Mrs. Madison (Dir. Primary School) Click Here
  2:30-3:30 Science Jr. K, Kinder. & 1st Mrs. Stone (Science Teacher) Click Here
   3:30-4:00 Karate 2nd - 5th  Mrs. Madison (Dir. Primary School)
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TUESDAY 3:30-4:30 Golf Kindergarten - 5th TGA Premier Sports Click Here



Action Academy

Kindergarten - 5th

Action Academy

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Action Academy   

Pre-S &    Pre-K 

Action Academy

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  3:30-4:30 Science 2nd & 3rd Mrs. Stone (Science Teacher) Click Here



Kindergarten - 5th

TGA Premier Sports

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Peace & Passion Art 

Kindergarten - 5th 

Mrs. Sharma (5th Grade Teacher) 

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Karate Classes*

On Monday's for 7 week sessions with Karate belt presentation and Demonstration at End of Session.  7 Week Fee: $ 119.00 Uniform and White Belt: $ 25.
Please contact: Master Ercolono @ 818-707-0332

After School Science*

Please join Mrs. Stone in the Science Lab and participate in some hands-on science investigations. Each session is 8 weeks long for a cost of $200; Classes are offered for Jr. Kindergarten, Kindergarten & 1st Grades. A separate class is offered for 2nd & 3rd Grades.

Peace and Passion Art Classes*

Art Classes are taught by the 5th Grade Home Room teacher, Mrs. Sadhana Sharma, a member of the Westlake Village Artist Guild.

Sessions of 8 after school Art classes are conducted in a relaxed and creative atmosphere where pupils are encouraged to explore their artistic vision when exposed to different art mediums.

If you are interested in registering your child, please contact Mrs. Sharma at:

TGA Golf, and Tennis*

TGA brings the golf course and the tennis court to you to you making it convenient and affordable to learn and play in a fun and safe enrironment.  All equipment is provided and students learn the rules & etiquette lessons.  The 8-week session is open to students in Kindergarten - 5th Grade.  The cost for each session is $180.

Action Academy*

Action Academy is a movement for the youth of local communities. Through the actions of gymnastics, freestyle movement, acrobatics and fitness, participants will learn how to set goals and think boldly outside the box. The ACTION staff helps your child to achieve skills and abilities that are fun to do, healthy, and age appropriately awesome!  With safety as our number one priority, our goal is to enhance each student's all sport athleticism through skill progressions and development of balance and agility, strength and air awareness.