Charissa Hill

Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher


Early Childhood Education Degree

Head Librarian at the Rubicon Academy for the Gifted and Talented

Children's Librarian and Aide support for Children with Special Needs at Mitchell Elementary School, Texas

Children's Librarian at the Public Library in Skokie, Illinois

Assistant Director for Pre-School at Calvary Community Church, Westlake Village

Faculty member for 22 years at Carden Conejo School

Mrs. Hill is a Chicago based educator who found her true passion in California when she was invited to join the Carden Conejo School faculty.  Mrs. Hill was trained to teach the Mae Carden Curriculum from 3rd to 8th grade.  Ms. Hill firmly  believes the Mae Carden  teaching structure enhances the education of children.

Twenty-two years ago, Mrs. Hill accepted her first assignment at Carden Conejo School as Aide for the three year old students in the Pre-School program and was then selected to teach pre-school, kindergarten and third Grade.

Mrs. Hill has a passion for teaching. She encourages and supports her pupils.  She gives her students the support they need to succeed in an accelerated curriculum.  She instills in them a love of learning, and the importance of good manners and high moral standards.