Jennifer Martilik

4th Grade Homeroom Teacher


Bachelors in Education, Temple University, Philadelphia

Elementary and Early Childhood Education Degrees

Mrs. Martilik graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia, where she received both her Bachelors in Education and her dual teaching degrees in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. Shortly after she obtained her certificate, she moved to Southern California with her husband and son where she was introduced to the Carden Method by a fellow colleague while volunteering at her local library.

Mrs. Martilik was fortunate enough to teach at Carden School of Camarillo for ten wonderful years.  She has attended numerous Carden training classes and observations. Mrs. Martilik is committed to motivating her students to achieve their full potential and to instill in them lifelong skills and the knowledge necessary for a successful future.

In her free time, Mrs. Martilik is an avid reader and challenges her mind with word games and crossword puzzles.  She loves to learn something new each day.

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