Sadhana Sharma

5th Grade Homeroom Teacher


Bachelors Degree, Buldelkhand University, India

Early Childhood Credential, UCLA

Mrs. Sharama began her teaching career in 1982 at C.K.C., Jhansi, India.  In 1993, she joined Carden Conejo and has been working at the school ever since.  A dedicated teacher, she draws great satisfaction in helping her students learn effective study skills.  She empowers them to develop a strong moral core by creating an environment where children can discuss, debate and express themselves without inhibition.  She thoroughly enjoys the energy the fifth graders bring to her class which helps her connect with them at a very meaningful level, making them confident contributing members of the society of the future.  Her students have gone on to prestigious universities, and many of them continue to be in touch with her.

Mrs. Sharma holds great interest in all forms of creative expression and is an avid photographer and an art enthusiast.  With a penchant for new experiences she incorporates and experiments with all art mediums in her reflective and illustrative paintings.  Besides painting, Mrs. Sharma custom designs cards and conducts childrens art classes.  Peace and Passion, her art class, helps children unlock their unique creativity.  The students enjoy their own artistic compositions, experimenting through all different processes and mediums.

When Mrs. Sharma visits India, she conducts workshops on self-esteem and self-expression at a local high school in her hometown.

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